Facebook ads are the darling of the DTC world. The majority of the industry relies on demand generation through Facebook ads.

So far that roughly $0.40c of every VC dollar gets spent on Facebook or Google ads, you need to have an edge.

Food CPG brands are faced with a unique challenge.

DTC playbooks are usually not transferable to Food CPG products because of the nature of the products themselves.

Products aren’t self-explanatory and people are forced to change their habits when buying them.

Simple and clean ads work well for apparel, but not food.

Naturally, the early adopters of the DTC world all bundled around what’s working best and is…

If you are an eCommerce owner, you probably know how big of a buzz is about Facebook ads.

And if you tried Facebook ads, you know that there is a chronic lack of quality resources to learn about eCommerce strategies.

I was annoyed by this fact when I started working with eCommerce clients so here I’m writing everything I learned from my eCommerce campaigns.

This post is going to cover everything from high-level strategy and thought process about Facebook ads to tactics you can use right away to improve your results.

[NOTE — This is a long-ass post But I…

Let’s debug the myth — Facebook ads are still the most powerful online tool to grow your business!

Anybody who says that Facebook ads don’t work either:

1. Don’t have good product/offer
2. Don’t have good marketing
3. Don’t know how to use Facebook ads

If you are an entrepreneur who has a great product and great marketing — this blog post will give you the missing piece of the puzzle -> how to leverage Facebook ads for your benefit.

The only perfect combination of Product — Marketing — Facebook ads can give you this kind of returns in online…

The world is changing faster than ever. Which means marketing strategies used only a year ago don’t work anymore. You simply need to adapt fast or you will lose the battle for customers attention. So what does it take to create a profitable Facebook ads campaign in 2017?

After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and generating over 25,000 webinar registrations and multiple 6-figures in revenue, I’ve noticed the patterns that the most successful campaigns share

So here’s the breakdown of 5 most important strategies you need to win with Facebook ads in 2017.

1. Warm up the traffic before you start pitching them

Your number one goal should be…

If you’re an Expert, an Industry Leader, or a Professional — chances are — you’re spending more than 80% of your overall marketing budget on activities that don’t result in positive return of investment.

Recently, I had a consultation call with an Expert who struggled with setting up a campaign (broad targeting) and this is what happened:

As you can see, it wasn’t good at all. $150 for a webinar registration?

To avoid this happening to you, you’ve got to understand that Facebook Marketing is much more than just setting up campaigns in Power Editor. If you learn to understand…

If you are using strategy sessions (or consultation, discovery calls or any kind of phone selling) to get sales, here’s a strategy you can use to increase number of calls using Facebook ads.


If you are selling on the phone your revenue is directly tied to number of sessions you have per day.

When your sales team isn’t on the phone, you are basically wasting money.

And how do you make them busy?

How do you get them Fresh Stream of Leads?


“If you wish to survive and grow, you must advertise” — Jay Abraham

That may not be the only way but it’s the fastest.

McDonald’s and Coca cola built multi billion dollar business by placing their ads in front of everyone, and…

Philip Merdik

Director of growth @Kettle and Fire, Owner Kangaroo agency

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